Why Do Runners Run Barefoot

There is something that runners do that people do not understand. Runners are running barefoot. They do not have shoes or even socks on. People wonder what are the benefits of running barefoot.

Benefits of Running Barefoot

When a person is running barefoot their foot will hit the ground on the balls which will reduce the impact on the body. This will also reduce the chance of stress fractures and injuries.


The muscles do not have to work as hard for the person to move and the knees will automatically flex. This will also allow the runner to build up muscles in their legs. There is more info here for the benefits of running barefoot. The body was not designed to handle the stress of running on pavement and running barefoot will reduce the pressure on the body.

How to Run Barefoot

A person does need to condition their body to run barefoot. They can start by jogging for 9 minutes and the run for 1 minute. This can be repeated for the foot to develop thicker skin and allow a person to get used to the new feeling on their feet.

Watch the Surface

Check the surface before to make sure there are no glass or pebbles on the ground. It is safe to run barefoot on the pavement or a person can start in their yard.

Know the Limits


If a person begins to lose feeling in their feet or experience pain they should stop for the day. Like with any diet or exercise program a person should check with their doctor to make sure they are healthy enough for the program.

These are some of the reasons and benefits to why people run barefoot. Running barefoot put less pressure on the body and will allow a person to improve their physical activity.