What is Leased Line and how it can Improve Your Business

A leased line is a telephone connection leased for private use usually for a fixed monthly rent.Typically, businesses use lease lines to link geographically distant offices. Technically, a leased refers to a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, bidirectional (symmetrical) telecommunication service connecting two locations.

As per the definition, dedicated connection means the line is always available for sole use by the lessee (usually a corporate). Fixed bandwidth remains constant and does not fall at peak times. Bidirectional or symmetrical property means that the telecommunication line allows the lessee to upload data at a fast speed that equals the download speed. Below are some ways in which a dedicated circuit can help improve your business

Leased Lines1. Reliability and faster uploads

Leased lines are consistent. The speed remains constant during the day and at night. You can customize your lease line to meet the needs and demands of your organization and sign up for a bandwidth that suits your needs. A leased line often comes with an excellent Service Level Agreement. The agreement binds the provider to the task of monitoring and maintaining a given level of service.

2. Offers security and privacy

Leased lines provide high security and privacy. This important particularly to businesses that deal with sensitive client data such finance service industry. A dedicated connection minimizes the chances of data interception. To gain maximum data security, deploy encryption strategies while sending information in the line. Because the line is dedicated for your business, it remains private and secure.

3. Improve efficiency and increase productivity

A leased line remain up and running all the time with no downtimes. Consequently, your staff will not spend much time dealing with connection issues. Slow internet will cause your crew to wait for extended times before webpages can load or downloads can complete. A leased line allows your team to focus on running other essential aspects of your business.

4. Share IT resources across multiple offices

Many businesses use dedicated circuits to connect their office Local area networks to form a wide area network. This connection facilitates the sharing of IT resources among business sites. For example, you will only need one email server for all your business sites instead of a server at each location. This saves your business a lot of money because you now need fewer resources. It also simplifies the IT system of your business making it easy to manage.

5. Cost efficiency


In the past, many businesses shunned leased lines primarily due to cost. However, as technology improves the price starts to drop. A leased line is more expensive than FTTC or ADSL alternatives, but the benefits make it worth your investments. If you are running anenterprise that relies on excellent connectivity, then you understand how slow connections can hamper your operations, create frustrations and lead to losses. To avert this consider contacting a UK leased line provider for fast, reliable connection. In the past businesses would allocate each office an in-house telephone exchange (PBX) and connect the phone system using the costly ISDN circuits. Today it is possible to connect PBX to the telephone network using a dedicated circuit. This saves cost regarding the cost of renting a circuit per Mb/s of bandwidth as well as the cost for making external calls. A dedicated line allows you to connect your offices such that one PBX serves multiple offices or sites. Such connections allowfor free calls within the company. This is possible because the calls travel through the dedicated circuits without going through the public phone network.

high speed6. High speed

Leased lines offer fast broadband than other alternatives. All businesses require high-speed internet connectivity for their staff. Different companies use the internet from different things. A reliable and speedy connection can improve productivity and deter frustrations that occur due to slow bandwidth. A leased line not only offers high speeds, but it also ensures the speed remains consistent throughout. This is advantageous to enterprises that deal with uploading and downloading huge volumes of data. What’s more, the upload speed is just as fast as the download speed.

7. Unmetered connectivity

Most dedicated lines are fully unmetered. This implies you can make maximum use of the line throughout the day and night. It is practically unlimited without allocation of the amount of data. Fair usage policy that slows your internet after consuming too much data does not apply. You pay for a given speed and send as muchinformation as your company needs to without worrying about any additional charges.