The Best College Scholarships in 2018

Do you have a passion for furthering your education? I understand the financial challenges that limit quite many people from moving up the education ladder. However, as one man said, for every problem to solve, there must be a solution.

Where there is a will, there is always a way out. Never accept your vision to be shattered by life challenges. In this article, we bring for you’re the best college scholarships for the year 2018. All you need to do is to put yourself together, make an application and wait as you hope against all hope for you to be considered.


The current scholarships for 2018 are a great and exciting way to assist you to rise to where you have always desired to be. Below is a full list of the best college scholarships that you can choose depending on your interests.

Foot Locker Foundation

Two thousand eighteen marks the eighth year since this foundation began offering aid for education to college students. They fund you with $20,000 to enable you to pursue a four-year degree from college without much struggle.

The essential qualities for you to be a beneficiary is not necessarily scoring outstandingly, but it is more inclined to performance in sports and portraying leadership qualities both at school and in their communities.

There is also a bonus that does apply to only one of the 20 winners which involves being chosen for the Ken C. Hicks scholarship for showing excellent educational achievement, exceptional leadership, and passion for the game. The winner is awarded $5000 hence making a total of $25000.

James W. McLamore Whopper Scholarship

It is meant for Canada and US students who are recent high school graduate precisely within the past three years. They must be willing to study on a full-time basis.


The minimum requirements to attain this award is 3.3 GPA and 25 ACT / 1220 SAT. In addition, you have to show tangible work experience and be an active leader who has participated in community athletics, humanity services, or any other co-curricular activity.

Burger King Scholars Program

The program targets from high school seniors to first-year College students. They must be from Canada, U.S, or Puerto Rico. Eligibility calls for a minimum qualification of 2.5 GPA.

You must also plan to join a two-year or four-year vocational school, college or university.

Resume Genius Scholarship

It is available for first-year college students all the way to graduate students for five years. The amount of cash awarded usually is $1000. To apply, you are required to make a good resume regarding any fictional or even non-fictional life of a character from history, TV, myth or literature.



The program seeks to give one person a $10000 award. For you to qualify for this award, you must be a ScholarshipPoints member, and then you will freely log in and make your application.

The takeaway

The phrase education is the key to success is familiar to many people. It is this knowledge that has made people of goodwill come together, and come up with an idea to help interested people to pursue their dreams.