Main Issues Dealt by Family Law Attorneys in Canada

Family law is a specialized area of criminal law that mainly deals with domestic-related matters and family-related matters. It is very important in Canada because marriage is considered a domestic act. Hence, a family lawyer is responsible for protecting the interests of their client and ensuring that things turn out alright for everyone. This specialized law faculty is very much important in Canada and it is for this reason that Canada has seen many family lawyers attaining success in their field.

Property Disputes

One of the most common issues that families face when they engage in a divorce case is property disputes. Canadian divorce laws are much lenient compared to the US divorce laws. The Canadian divorce laws allow both parties involved in the divorce to divide the marital assets equally. This means that even if one party was the victim of the abuse during the marriage, they have the right to maintain some of the property that they accumulated during the duration of their marriage. The courts allow them to retain the right to keep the asset as long as the person benefited from the contribution during the time of marriage. This is also possible if the victim suffered financial loss as a result of the divorce case.

Property disputes often lead to family law issues in Canada. When a couple gets divorced, there are often property disputes over which party is responsible for paying the mortgage and any upkeep costs on the property. Property disputes can also involve child custody and visitation rights. If a Canadian family lawyer helps you to settle a property dispute, you may be able to avoid a long court battle and get both parties involved in the process of settling the property dispute so it can be settled peacefully.

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Domestic Violence

Another area that is commonly dealt with by Canadian family law attorneys is domestic violence. In Canada, domestic violence refers to instances where one of the spouses physically or emotionally abuses the other spouse. There have been many instances where Canadian attorneys have represented clients who have been accused of domestic violence and have won such cases. The first thing to do when you are accused of domestic violence is to consult an attorney. An attorney will help you understand your position and will also provide you with appropriate advice on whether to file for a divorce or to seek counseling.


Custody is another important issue that comes up for discussion between family law attorneys. When two parties are willing to enter into a divorce agreement, they should consider the issues surrounding custody and visitation. Canadian attorneys can advise their clients about the best solution in this case. In most cases, Canadian attorneys also handle the case of child custody. Custody agreements are usually drawn up between the two parents and are supervised by a family law judge


Divorce is not always a happy event. Anytime there is domestic violence or a criminal act that caused damage to one spouse or caused harm to a family, a Canadian divorce attorney may need to be involved. Canadian attorneys know how to work through situations like these and can give the couple advice on how to proceed. A Canadian family lawyer can even represent the individual who was accused of domestic violence. This is why it is so important to make sure you have a good lawyer when you make your initial appointments and it is even more important to keep your appointments.