How to Organize a Warehouse to get more Profit

Warehouse automatization is one of the best ways of increasing productivity and ensuring that you get everything done in time. Bust simple automatization is just not enough, you also need to make a lot of essential organizational changes so as to have your warehouse running smoothly. With this in mind we have come up with some tips on how to organize your warehouse so that is not just more productive but that it also increases your overall profit.

Automatization, automatization, automatization

Warehouse automatization is the future and getting top-quality automated warehouse systems is what you should be aiming at. This will definitely make the whole process a lot faster, especially when it comes to storage retrieval. The need for re-packing will be eliminated and this will lead to reduced operational costs. And the best thing is that as your business grows the automated systems can grow with it, thus enabling you to maintain the efficiency rate you already have, and maybe even increase it.


Change out your layout design

The warehouse layout design is what determines the amount of time you need to reach certain items. Depending on your current business model it is important to re-evaluate your layout regularly so as to ensure that the current trends are met. There are three major principles you need to include in your layout redesign. The first is flow which affects the movement of materials people and traffic. Then you have accessibility, and this one is the one you will change the most. The accessibility needs to be prioritized depending on the popularity of items, and that can change on the monthly level, so make sure you are always monitoring the changes in trends so as to modify this particular principle. Finally, you have space, this relates to the maximum warehouse space you can afford to fill without obstructing the flow. For this you need to take into consideration storage, stock, onsite offices, working areas and so on.

Consider using the ABC analysis for setting up your inventory

This tip relates to both the first and the second paragraph. Prioritization is important for both automatization and accessibility. And the ABC analysis can help with that. In its essence, it is a categorization system that consists of dividing items into three categories. The first one – A – is reserved for best-selling items that don’t take up all your warehouse space or cost. Then we move on to B items – these are usually your mid-range items that sell regularly but may cost more than the first group of-items to hold. Finally, you have the C items – it includes al the items that remain and make up the bulk of your inventory, and at the same time cost the most to store. The fact of the matter is that the bulk of your profits comes from only 20% of your inventory.



These are just some of the potential ways of improving the overall organization of your warehouse. Depending on your financial mobility and time you can make a lot of improvements by applying some or all of them. But the fact of the matter is, if you have a warehouse that is not well-organized and that wastes a lot of time it will definitely reflect poorly on your company’s profit margin. So, taking the time and ensuring that your warehouse is as productive as possible can end up saving you a lot of money in the future. and don’t forget, automatization is the future, and investing in such a system can be a great way of getting a lot more profit from your warehouse.