How Does Timely Upgrade Impact Your Business’ Fleet?

With more and more companies becoming increasingly dependent on commercial fleet vehicles for making service calls, performing deliveries, transporting materials or simply meeting with clients and business partners, the importance of having an efficient fleet of vehicles is also rising. Having an older and less reliable vehicle does not only mean that both safety and efficiency are in jeopardy, but you’re also spending much more money than you should, which is detrimental to any business.

Many company owners believe that they have already spent a lot of money of their fleet and that only necessary maintenance is needed. While they might have a point there, we’d like to draw your attention to the benefits of upgrading your fleet before it’s too late.

Improved technology

If your fleet vehicles were bought a while ago, they might not feature all the great safety equipment, such as rear view cameras, additional air-bags and up-to-date navigation systems. Rear view cameras will allow your drivers to have a clear picture of the position of the vehicle in relation to the surroundings and there will definitely be fewer scratches or dents on the vehicles. Also, you can install additional air-bags and improve safety in case of an accident or help your drivers find safest and most efficient routs by having the latest navigation system. Consequently, you’ll be able to decrease the delivery and service call time, which will be a great promotion for your company and its products or services.

Boosted fuel efficiency

Improving fuel efficiency is important for at least two reasons: cutting down costs and protecting the environment. Needless to say, even a small amount saved on a daily basis when multiplied by the number of days your vehicle is in operation will significantly improve the financial status of your company. As various federal and state agencies are pushing for greater fuel economy in all types of commercial and personal vehicles, the older your fleet is, the less likely you’ll be to comply with new standards. You may still be unable to purchase hybrid or electric cars, but you can have some fantastic performance chips from T.I. Performance installed, which can help you use less fuel. This is just one of many benefits they provide.

Many governments also grant various registration reliefs to companies whose cars consume less fuel, which means there is more money to be saved. This is also an important factor to consider when making purchase in the first place. The price you pay for a vehicle is not the only price you’ll pay and you need to calculate well how much you’ll be spending utilising your vehicles. Also, you may discover that it’s more economical to lease smaller fleets directly at the dealership.

Lowering vehicle maintenance costs

The fact that you’re using your fleet vehicles every day means you’ll need to organise regular maintenance. However, if you upgrade your fleet, you’ll reduce the maintenance cost and extend vehicles’ lifespan. You should also bear in mind that more expensive and time-consuming repairs will have adverse effects on the delivery or service call time, which, in turn, affects the company’s overall reputation. By having a newer fleet, you’ll be able to allocate some of the maintenance funds to spreading your business operation and, possibly, purchasing more vehicles.

By upgrading your fleet you’re actually investing in your company in a way that provides increased safety for your workers, less pollution in the environment and more money saved. On top of all that, your upgraded fleet vehicles will play a big part in making your company’s image even greater and your customers are likely to be more satisfied with your offer. All those are very good reasons for each business owner to consider upgrading their fleet and utilising it in a more efficient way.