How a Personalised Customer Experience Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

The most important task your business is ever going to face is satisfying your customers. Of course, offering quality products is a huge part of it but there’s much more you need to do if you really want to put a smile on their faces. Another great way to make sure your customers have a reason to come back is to offer a personalised customer experience. In case you’re still not convinced, here’s how a personalised customer experience can lead to more returning customers.

Keeps customers happy


This one is pretty straightforward – the lack of personalisation frustrates customers and often makes them turn to other businesses out there. It’s just that people don’t enjoy being offered a product they have no interest in or being asked the same questions over and over again. On the other hand, a more personalised customer experience can help keep your customers happy and make every second they spend in your office or store or even on your website more enjoyable. There’s no need to say that happier customers translate into more returning customers and more profit for your business. The most loyal customers will feel even happier if you send them thank you notes and show them just how important they are for your business. According to recent reports, increasing customer happiness can increase your revenue by 15 per cent.

Helps build a strong brand

Your brand is all about the way customers see your business. What many rookie business owners don’t understand is that this doesn’t only include the business logo and marketing efforts but the way people feel when they enter your office or store. In fact, there are plenty of companies out there that offer mediocre products but have managed to build a strong brand just because of the unique experience they offer. With that said, using every opportunity you can to make your customers feel valued and promote your brand while doing so is recommended. For example, you can organise events where your customers can give you feedback. Another smart thing to do is prepare promotional notepads for your customers and make sure they remember you the next time they use the product you offer.

Builds strong relationships

Connecting with your customers can do wonders for your business. Not only does it lead to customers coming back but it helps you build a base of loyal followers of your brand. These people won’t only turn to you when they need your product but they’ll keep a close eye on your offerings and be willing to try anything new you have to offer. If you give them an opportunity, they might also be ready to give you feedback and help you adjust your product to their needs. If you’re not sure just yet, take a look at it this way – a recent survey showed that 96 per cent of customers said it was personalised customer experience that helped them build stronger relationships with some of their favourite brands.

Drives impulse purchases


Obviously, your company’s goal is to make as many sales as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to give your customers more reasons to buy from you and that’s something personalised customer experience can help you with. In a recent study, 49 per cent of participants said they’ve recently made a purchase they initially didn’t intend to make. They said it was the recommendation from the company and the way they were treated that lead them to making the purchase. Therefore, you should always look for ways you and your staff members can help customers who’re trying to decide what to buy and recommend a product that seems to fit their needs. Make sure that there always exists a list of new products your customers might be interested in hearing about. It’s also a good idea to send emails about any new products your business offers and explain what they’re all about.

Final thoughts

There’s hardly a better way to ensure your customers will keep coming back than to offer them a personalised customer experience. Not only does it result in more profit for your company but also gives your brand a boost and makes it easier to grow your company. Looking for the best ways to offer more personalised customer experience and starting to implement them as soon as possible really does make a lot of sense.