Duties and Responsibilities of a Family Lawyer

The family law system can seem confusing and alien. Luckily, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. Hiring a family lawyer means you’ll have someone to perform an entire range of legal duties that concern the family for you. Some of these people work alone while others join a big legal firm. No matter how your family lawyer operates, their job is to act as a mediator for you when you face issues such as divorce, guardianship, negligence and more. Here are some of their key duties and responsibilities you should know about.

Reaching settlements

Judging from pop culture, divorce can seem like a relatively straightforward process. The truth is, divorce is an extremely sensitive matter that deserves close attention. This is why it’s a good idea to work with a family lawyer when going through a divorce. The family expert you hire should help you figure out what you may receive or lose. This goes for everything from guardianship to property. Even if you can agree on guardianship issues, some other problems may come up. Division of assets is usually a huge challenge for the spouses after the divorce and a professional can reconcile the conflicting situation. They can help you come to an agreement without taking the case to the court. That way, you can save both time and money on legal procedures.

Family Lawyer

Assisting with family dispute resolutions

Sometimes, people in dispute try to resolve the issue by compromise and discussion. In case you and your former spouse choose to do so, you may need a parenting agreement. The agreement outlines everything from who cares for the children and how much time they’ll spend with each parent. One of the family lawyer’s jobs is to document this agreement for you. Family lawyers in Australia know everything about the country’s family law and they can guide you through it all. This means that hiring the best family lawyers in Sydney can make the process as smooth as possible. The lawyer can then take the agreement to the court for you. This way, you don’t have to deal with the legal side of it and engage in drawn-out processes.

Helping with a parenting arrangement

Sorting out the arrangements for children after a divorce isn’t an easy task. Quite often, spouses fail to come to an agreement when it comes to parenting arrangements. In situations like this, going to the court is a must and each side needs representation. Your family lawyer should be able to help you learn how the Family Law Act in Australia applies to you and everything else you should know about it. Their job is also to guide you through the entire process. Some parents need a family lawyer again years after going through a divorce. The situation can change and the court order may not work for you or the other party anymore. In times like that, you need the help of a family expert to address the issue. They can guide you through the process in which a judge will come up with a parenting plan they believe works the best.

Family Lawyer

The bottom line

Having a family lawyer when dealing with situations such as a divorce is critical. Family experts can guide you through it all and deal with all legal work for you. Whether you and your former spouse reach a settlement or take the case to the court, your lawyer should be able to help. When going to the court, there’s no guarantee the outcome will work for you. However, with a family lawyer on your side, your chances of getting a good deal are much higher.