6 Funny Photoshop Memes You Need To Check Out

Comedy is a varied and diverse genre. In fact no two people have the same tastes. Nonetheless, if you do not love memes thane you must be missing out on some fun stories that can just keep your day going. With the advent of technology, that does not really matter, there is something out there for every.

From high to lowbrow and from cutting satire to cheesy images, there is something that will keep you glued to your phone, and that is meme. You cannot just wish them away, they have taken the world with a storm and it is the talk of town. In this article, we take a dive at some of the best memes that you can never wish away.

When you take a look at them, you cannot help with tears rolling down your eyes. The following websites hosts some of the funniest images and captions that you will love.

1. Engrish

There is no appropriate way to have fun than visit this website. It specializes on in photos of English language mishaps, often in the foreign land.


Notably, it is okay from non speakers not to follow the grammar correctly, nonetheless, the site typically focuses on errors committed by business people. The ones who have no excuse for the errors. It is fun reading the caption and the grammatical mistakes they make.

2. Funny or Die

Contains some of the viral videos. There bread and butter is videos but they also mix it with original content from different quotas including comedians.

Once you register on this website, you can vote if a video is deserves the die. Thus, the name of the website. Additionally, over years they have received backings from Silicon Valley from their creative work.

3. When Chilling with Bae after sex

This meme is represented by two overgrown cucumbers having “weird” looks representing both female and male organs. From the first look you might think that it is a real thing only to realize the disparity with reality. You cannot afford to miss out on seeing some natural plants have such depiction.

4. Dildo Company

The meme is based on a company that makes dildos and test them on animals. So the discussion goes.

Employee: We need to stop testing our products on animals.

Boss: But why? All shampoo companies do test their products all the time.

Employee: Yes sure, but we make dildos.

5. College Humor

This website is one of the best well known comedy sites on the web with funny photoshops. It went live in 2000 and it features pranks and miniseries, animations and sketches.


The primary target for this website is college aged demographic and while arguably that is its main purpose, it has a taste to do with many things right now.

6. The Oatmeal’s

These meme is based on music life. It describes how people of different age sets listens to music. The scenes represents the age people listening to the covers in their 40s to the music they listened to while they are young and they think due to age, the music is now inappropriate. The humor represented with the cartoons is unmatched.