5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Camera Tripod

Do you love exploring the world and capturing some of the best moments you see around? Well, that’s expected especially among the photographers and they feel good when showing their best photographs to friends and family. What’s the quality of your images? Do you experience blurry photographs? If yes, you can improve the quality of your images by purchasing a tripod.

However, choosing the best tripod can be overwhelming especially due to different choices and types you’re presented with.

Nevertheless, you should not panic as we care about you and we have gathered some of the most important questions you should ask when buying a camera tripod and if you continue scrolling, you’ll leave here with a broad smile on your face.

1. Tripod Components – What is a Tripod System?

When planning to buy a camera tripod, it’s important to understand its component. Basically, a tripod system consists of four important parts as elaborated below;

• Legs – They are made of basalt, aluminum, steel or carbon fiber
• Head – The head of a tripod is the part that will hold your digital camera or lens and the most popular heads are pan-tilt heads and ball-heads
• Center column/centerpost – This is simply a separate leg running through the middle whose purpose is to raise the tripod head
• Feet – A good tripod allows you to change tripod feed at the end of the legs which ensures you enjoy both outdoor and indoor use

2. How much does it cost?

Cost is an important thing that people consider when buying a camera tripod which is of course acceptable. There is no specific answer to this question but you should know that there are different tripods meant to fit the needs of everyone.

Taking photo

For instance, you’ll find out that while some tripods cost as low as $50, others will cost as much as $1000. With that in mind, you can buy the one that meets your budget. However, it’s worth mentioning that cheap is expensive and if you’re an international photographer, it would be wise to invest in a tripod that would meet your needs without breaking easily.

3. Why do you need a tripod?

Different people buy camera tripods for different reasons and you should ask yourself why you need it as it will help you in making an informed decision.

For instance, are you buying because somebody else recommended it or is it because you saw your friend with one?

Or perhaps are you considering a tripod because you’re looking forward to tacking sharp images? A tripod works excellently for long exposures, producing high-quality pictures, and is perfect for anyone interested in wedding shoots, action and events, as well as high-quality portraits.

4. Which brand should I buy?

Tripod brand is more of a personal decision but because we are here to help you, we recommend that you try different tripods and heads. This will give you an opportunity that meets your needs excellently. You can as well read reviews about different brands and decide the tripod and head combination that will fit you.

5. What are some of the factors to consider when choosing a tripod?

As stated earlier, buying a tripod could be overwhelming but as a rule of thumb, having an idea about camera tripod buying guide will always get you started and ensure you get the right gear. Wondering what to look for? Well, relax and take a deep breath and here are some of the things to consider;

• Weight rating
Many people spend their hard-earned money to buy a tripod that only supports a few pounds. What follows is that the tripod collapses and destroys your expensive camera and lens. Therefore, you need to buy a tripod that will excellently support at least 1.5 times the weight of your camera and lens.

• Tripod height
Tripods come in different height and you should buy the one that matches your height. In other words, the viewfinder should level your eye after putting your camera on a tripod.

It wouldn’t be an issue if the camera goes above your eye level as you can easily adjust the legs of the tripod, but too short will be a problem given that you’ll have to bend a lot looking into the viewfinder.

• Tripod weight
Are you a travel photographer? If yes, you need a light tripod that will make it easy to carry it from one place to another as you accomplish your photographic needs. Being light doesn’t make it poor; light tripods are durable as they’re made of carbon-fiber.


• Tripod legs
You’ll find tripod legs in two forms; non-tubular and tubular and you should buy one depending on your preferences.

Other things to consider

• Tripod feet
• Centerpost
• Tripod head
• Stability
• Quick-Release System

Final thoughts

It is without a doubt that there are different camera tripods in the market today and your photographic experience depends on the choice you make. A tripod is among the greatest photographic assets you can ever have and therefore, ask yourself the above questions before spending your hard-earned money on your preferred tripod.