5 Apps For Staying Fit When Traveling As A Digital Nomad

Getting the proper amount of exercise regularly may not be as simple as most people may think. Because some people may have schedules that change all of the time, getting to the gym to exercise can be a monumental task within itself.

Fortunately, however, with all of the advances in technology, people who enjoy getting their exercise in can get the help that they need via tools that can make things as simple as possible today.

One of the most effective can be installed on your mobile devices since there are apps that have been designed for these specific needs and they are making are a huge difference in how everyone is tracking their own personal schedules.

Having said this, here are 5 Apps that people are using for Staying Fit when traveling as a Digital Nomad.

1. Seven


Seven is a free app that takes the user through several different types of workouts including squats and planks. Using your body weight, this app has a 7 minute challenge that everyone can do, and it is designed with the science in mind that gives the best workout in the shortest time frame.

2. Sworkit

Swrokit is an app that can be downloaded for free and there is a paid subscription too, especially for those who are looking for added features and more content.

The workout that you get will help you to focus on different areas like stretching, cardio, and strength training. For those of you who want to know additional information, click to read more.

3. FitStar Personal Trainer

For those of you want a free basic program that gives you a personal trainer, you may want to the fitstar with you wherever you go. You can do all of these exercises with only a little space and no equipment involved. For instance, you can do lunges, jumping jacks and high knees that promotes burning up more calories.

4. Couch to 5K


If you want to get your body ready for the next marathon in your city, you can take advantage of the couch to 5K app. This app is free and includes an 8-week program that prepares its users well for this kind of run.

5. Pear

If you want to beef up your strength training, Pear is the app that you want to use to get started. With this app, you have a chance to pick and choose a personal trainer that can help you to give your exercise regiment an added boost.