What to Do when You’re Considering a Career Change

Are you tired of working seemingly endless hours at the same office on a job that doesn’t satisfy you? You hate going to work, and you can’t wait for the day to end? These are only some of the symptoms of a desperate need for a change in job surroundings.  Even though it might seem impossible, thanks to today’s trends of fluid careers you can experience a whole new set of jobs that you’ve never considered before. The trend is shifting from “job” to “career”, meaning that you can change a lot of jobs during your career path. When considering what path to take on next, keep in mind these couple of tips that might come in handy and make this decision a tad easier.  

Talk to your friends and colleagues 

When in doubt – always look for comfort in your friends, especially those who are satisfied with their job position. Your friends can help you figure out what you need, while your colleagues probably have more information about the jobs that might satisfy your need for a change. Think about which people you know that have a job which you consider applicable to your experience and knowledge and ask them to recommend you to their bosses. Many companies work on a recommendation basis, and some may even give your friend a rise if you turn out to be a good candidate. Before you ask anyone to recommend you, just be sure that this really is a job that you want. Every move you make should be carefully thought through if you wish to excel at your newly chosen career path.

career change

Try job shadowing 

The best way to experience a certain job first-hand without having to actually do it is via the practice of job shadowing. By setting up a job shadow you will get the opportunity to get involved and carefully perceive a professional at work of your primary field of interest. You can spend a few hours, and maybe even days to get to know all there is to know about a job that you might find suitable for you. Try contacting your uni alumni to find a good place for you to set up a job shadow. As you start with shadowing, bear in mind that nothing good can come of it if you are not curious and interested in asking questions. Getting to know how a certain person does a job can be done best if you let him or her fill you in with all the details.

Go through your old study books

By the time we finish uni we will have read many books that contain tons of information. Some of it we still remember, but on the other hand, some facts have simply disappeared from our memory. If you still have your study books by your side, you should take a day to go through them. This is a great way to get inspired again, refresh your memory and look for potential new career paths that you can take. As you were studying, you might have been taking notes on the way, so make sure to go through these, as well. Your knowledgeable study notes have more value than you think, and you can even sell them to other students in order to get more money. Being resourceful is the key here, so make sure to keep an open mind and take make use of every opportunity you can.

career change

Look for career counselling 

Finally, keep in mind that you can ask for help if you need it. Career counsellors, career development facilitators, career coaches, job coaches, and vocational counsellors are only some of the professionals that can help you through your career changing struggles. 

Keep in mind that every step you take towards making yourself more efficient and satisfied is going to make you a better worker in the future. Flowers can’t grow on concrete, and so can’t you in a position that doesn’t satisfy your needs. Don’t be afraid to pursue your needs and interests, because that’s what all of us should strive for when choosing a career path that’s just right for us.