How Do You Attract Retain And Motivate Employees

Employees are the face of each organization. This means that they should be treated as the first client as they help build the brand to its success. While hiring employees organizations always seek the best employees so that they can be quite productive in the organization.

Recruiting and employing employees is one thing but retaining them and keeping them motivated while in the organization is the most important aspect.

Organizations fail because of staff turnover as employees can no longer bare with them. This means that an organization or company needs to look find and wide on ways of doing what is right so that they build their image well.

How do you retain and motivate employees? See here some of the best ways to do so:

1. Fair opportunities

Those working in an organization basically see everything that goes on in the management of the organization. This hence means that any lack of transparency in the way affairs are handled will lead them to be less motivated. This is quite common when there are promotions a=or restructuring of the organization.


You need to motivate employees by promoting them based on merit as well as effort they put towards the organization. If this is not done some will feel tat they are unfairly treated and will look for greener pastures elsewhere. Instead what you should do is recognize the best and reward them accordingly.

2. Involvement in decision making

Employees always want to feel part of the organization. This is why while making decisions concerning the organization you need to make sure that their opinions are taken.

When making plans involve them and let their voice be heard on the matter. Do not take them for granted as they are the reason why your business thrive.

They ensure that the business is opened daily and closed with goals having being achieved. This hence means that you need to always here what they have to say and put it into action. This makes them feel appreciated and hence they work harder which is a simple motivation.

3. Good working environment

A good and conducive working environment both physically and emotionally for the employees keeps them in the organization. While talking about the physical part, it entails well cleaned washrooms, proper working space, well aerated offices as well as the equipment and tools they need to be productive.


The feeling part involves how they are treated by their colleagues as well as the bosses. Are they working in an dictatorial kind of organization or is everyone entitled to their opinion? These are just some of the basic environment aspects that employees fetch and becomes a reason to stay and be motivated about.

4. Good paycheck

Every employee is entitled to rewards in form of wages and bonuses. However this doesn’t mean that this is a motivation to them.

Motivation will only result if the kind of work they do or status they hold in the organization matches what they end up pocketing at the end of the month.

Employees need to feel the worthiness of working harder as their pay matches their effort. Once you pay employees peanuts they tend to be less motivated at work and will end up quitting. You need to pay them according to working hours and also the work they do for the organization.

5. Empower and train

Any employee joining an organization is to come there and be a better person that they were before. This is by training them on skill and empowering them with knowledge. This makes them a better person and as they work for the organization they feel that they need to do the same on the production levels.

Couple of employee

They will hence work harder as you have helped them gain the skills and use the knowledge to their level best on matters concerning running of the organization. Once you do this they feel nice about the organization and want to stay in it as they are motivated that you care about their well being.