5 Best Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Advertising for law firms is a bit of mixed bag. It does not, obviously, fall under the same approach as pretty much any other line of business, since you would like to retain a certain semblance of quality, elegance and a professional approach. After all, your customers expect it from you. Let us take a look at some marketing strategies you might employ. 

Marketing plan is a must

You would not be too much off the mark to think that a law firm does not need a marketing plan, since it can only be, by its very nature, very narrow in scope. Still, your plan is necessary so that you could navigate the market itself – establishing yourself as an authority. In order to keep your public presentation consistent with what you would like to present yourself as, make sure you pay attention to using key expressions that will guide the potential customers towards your field of expertise. And this is where the marketing plan comes in, making sure you follow a set path.

Think about presentation

Your image is worth half your weight in gold – or at least people would use that as a saying if the culture we know today had been around for a little longer that it has. You need to make sure that you are impeccably presented, both offline and online. Think about handing out branded promotional products every time you meet a potential customer. Design your website to be easy to use and, at the same time, convey the same feeling that your offices do. Your content needs to be above average as well – consider offering free legal advice in a weekly column or take an occasional stand in a hot new online debate.


Utilize the power of social

Not only is it pretty much free to use – it does take time and effort – but a solid presentation on social networks can do wonders for a law firm, especially if it is still a fledgeling one and looking for its place under the sun. If you are looking to harness some good will from Millenials and Gen X-ers, look no further, as they are active social media users, up to 90% among the former and 78% among the latter. An interesting profile on any of the major social networks or an expedition into the unknown with the upcoming pretenders – it’s your choice. Do make it though, because the way things are, social media is here to stay.

Show off your expertise

Now, having your social media outlets is all well and good, but once you find yourself with a platform, you will find yourself wanting for quality content as well. The rule of thumb, just like with fiction, is “write what you know”. If you can write about things that affect people, you will soon find an audience among the affected. They are, for all intents and purposes, your potential customers. Apart from blog posts, you could work on whitepapers regarding important topics. This could provide interesting materials which could catch the interest of some of the more heavy-hitting customers.


Be seen and be heard 

Don’t forget that a vast majority of people are looking for information in video form, while audio (in form of podcasts and audiobooks) is also on the rise. If you are looking for a clear and direct path to your clients, you will not find a better one than this. Being seen and heard is bound to attract those who are not too interested in the written word, and judging by the statistics mentioned above, they are in the majority. You can keep video materials in the form of short vlogs that you could do directly from your phone, while your podcasts could be done from your office, where the only investment would actually be a solid microphone.